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Friday, June 5, 2009

Release 4! What? Another doujin release?

Yup. That's right, after 4-5 months we are up to our 4th translation! Click for link to post. I should probably stick this on on 4chan too after we release version 2.

You know, I originally said I wanted to do a translation about every other month, but, who is complaining, right?

I've also recently got a new slew of doujins to sort through and tag. I found a torrent on Dead Frog that is almost 1 gig full of yuri doujins. I took a look at the list and noticed a few I already had. Let's hope for some new material.

Glad to see the chatbox is a hit. I feared it would be horrifically and cruelly spammed. Sadly, there's no way to moderate it's messages (that I know of) so if it is spammed and abused I will be forced to take it down...

Even with some new stuff now, progress is slow. I'm working hard attending extra school to get my dream job, and that doesn't leave any free time. Expect a ton of good stuff (including the next translation release!) around mid-July! The next translation is a loli shoujo ai doujin of sorts. It's from Lucky Star. I'm sure no one is complaining. The main story is translated, I just need to do the written story and omake at the end. By the way, speaking of Lucky Star, don't expect to see any 4koma (4 panel) work from us... they give my editor nightmares. That's why we left the omake alone in our Persona 3 release. But if you are a translator, you may feel free to cover whatever we miss and be credited for it!

TsundereYuriko, signing off! And doing tons of homework...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Speech Day 2009

Ok, so my editor has gone missing in action, and I have been incredibly lazy and busy with summer classes. Translations have to wait for my editor and I to get back in touch and get back on our feet. A couple new doujins up soon. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. This being a blog, I feel that if I have something important to say about anything remotely related, then I shall post. Today's topic is my views on Free Speech.

As you read you will see that I am not a very good writer. I never have been. My talents lie elsewhere, but I try. Even if I can't artistically express myself, I can still get a point across. Nevertheless, here I go.

So, June 4 is officially (as official as it gets on the internet) Free Speech Day, and someone has made a website here. The website and day is in response to China’s decision to further censor the Internet. So I think to myself… just how much do I support Free Speech? And how far should Free Speech go?

Firstly, let me state that all I say furthermore is my own personal opinion. I believe that it should be allowed to be heard, and I have every right to write it. I mean no one any harm with my words, and wish to offend no one. Though I must be careful as I write as I may offend someone… don’t take it to heart, ok?

I personally am still conflicted about my true belief on free speech (as well as my true belief on many other things, but those are stories for other days) as well what I believe it should be like. But I have two things I have come up with. What I say here are the top ideas in my head right now. They are by no means final statements.

-First: I believe that anyone should have the right to say anything, and be allowed to be heard, but should have a truthful viewpoint. That also means that anyone who wants to listen should be able to listen, and they are entitled to the truth.

Take this example. War propaganda. No matter what war it is, they make it seem like we are winning, like everything is going smoothly, and they “forget” to be concise about real losses. As of this moment, from what you read from the papers, doesn’t it seem like the war in Iraq is going well? It isn’t. I talked to a soldier on leave recently, and had interesting things to say. We are not winning. It’s nowhere near over. And he needs to go back for more hell. The media lies to us, but only because it has to. But that doesn’t make it right.

-Second: I believe that anyone should be able to say whatever they want… but RESPONSIBLY. People these days just say “oh it’s in the constitution, it says I can say whatever I want.” Yes, you should be able to say whatever you want. But like any other action, you need to think of the repercussions. Yes, you are free to drop your piano off your roof in a fit of rage… but you need to make sure it’s not going to fall on anyone, right? Same goes for free speech. Don’t just demand to say anything because you are entitled to it. Think of others first. Yes, you should be free to say what you want. But if you hurt someone, then it’s only right that you face consequences. (And understand that you would have to clean up that piano after, too.)

Finally, I have issues with the definition of “constitutional”. America’s wig wearing forefathers entitled us many rights, but the question is did they foresee changes in the future and compatibility issues? This day and age is not the same as 1776. Can you imagine if every single person was allowed to carry a firearm these days? The right to bear arms has certainly been altered. They didn’t see the possible future problems of the right to free speech either. Their concern was with newspaper and books, little did they know about phones and internet! Bottom line of this paragraph: just because it’s constitutional then doesn’t mean it’s correct in this day and age. As America changes, so do the laws need to change with it. I believe that Free Speech needs to change from its original writing. Not entirely change per se, and certainly not be removed. I believe I am thinking of the word "adapt".

And that brings me to the website. There are so many more things I want to put here or say. Things like yuri loli or essays bashing yaoi or futanari to death. But I don’t. Why? Because people would be offended by it. Even if I would have no problem doing it, and because it's the internet I can, it doesn't mean I'll do it. People already offended by yuri or hentai just need only pass my website by, but any ‘higher offense’ and they would be angry. I do not believe drawn loli to be the same as pornography, but there are many who do, and I don’t care to argue with that. In case an argument starts, then you’re right, I’m sorry, oh look I don’t even have any perverted loli anyway. Just some nicer stuff like Lucky Star doujins. And if I say things I truly think about yaoi, then I could really hurt the feelings of one who likes it. I know a couple diehard yaoi fans among my friend groups, and don’t want to hurt their feelings either. So rather then bash, I’ll respect. More people win that way.

So, I guess these are my final thoughts. Free with the right to hear. Free with the right to say, but responsibly. And free with respect for others. Use common sense. Think of others more than yourself. I say again, don't bash, just respect. And if you want to speak out against something, always say why. Always give your reasons and, if you can, a better alternative. And always do so in a way that you won't hurt anyone.
And that’s all I have to say. As for other current events... don't even get me started about California's Proposition 8... if you want my short answer on that, then I am extremely angry about it and a constant full supporter of gay marriage. (You couldn't tell? I run a freaking yuri website.)
But that is a rant for another time. Please, feel free to leave any comments if you wish. It is your right to.



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