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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dead blog page is dead

Why are you here?
You should be at Tsundere Translations. Everything is going to go there... news, releases, rants, everything.
From now on, I'm a one blog kind of a person.

There is nothing here. There won't be for a while.

Someday I'll remake the doujin blogs. But until that day, don't expect anything else to be here.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Announcement: Candy Boy manga

Hey everyone! I think I should finally get this announcement out. It's about Nova and a new manga!

Chapter 4 is in progress, but Twinkle Saber Nova is being put on hold for a bit. Instead, Yi and I will be translating the new Candy Boy manga coming out!

That's right, it will be out within the week. Ecchi Yuri will be providing us the scans, and I owe her my utmost gratitude.

The Candy Boy thread on the Shoujo Ai forums is here. You could follow it for more info and hype.

Also, I'm not sure if Yi wants to finish Twinkle Saber Nova volume 2. More news on that later. For now, just assume Yi is.

More Yuri goodness coming soon! Stay tuned next week for Candy Boy! If it continues monthly, then expect the next chapters too!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

RECRUITING EDITORS! Choose from 4 manga!


Hey everyone!

I'm going to need an editor. Long story short: I have 4 mangas. I have first chapters done of each. I need anyone interested to drop me a line saying they want to edit. I'll take the best application, and that editor chooses the manga they want to do. Once chosen, I'll continue translating that manga, and then the editor can either quit after finishing, or choose another manga. Once you're hired, I'll send you the script, and a rescan if it's the second or third choice. Sound good? Great! Here are your choices.
Scans for Tenbin and Keika are courtesy of Echhi Yuri.

EDIT: EDITOR POSITIONS FILLED FOR: Rakka Ryuusui, Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu.

Rakka Ryuusui
% done: script for pages 1-20 done.
Completely scanned.
Yuri content: One of the characters has a secret crush on the other. Nosebleeds to follow.
Age rating: teen and up
School life 4koma Comedy.
I've heard about this one, and hear that people really want a translation of it. Well I want to read it translated too!
Link to volume 1 raw.


Tenbin wa Hana to Asobu (It Dances With Flowers)
% done: script for chapter 1 done
Scaning in progress.
Yuri content: One of the main characters finds that she is falling in love with the other main character.
Age rating: teen and up.
School life Romance.
I really want to do this one too. All I know about this so far is... Vampire Yuri!
Temporary link to chapter 1 scans. It will probably be rescanned. This link is for preview purposes only.


Assistant Denki Keika
% done: scripts for chapter 1 done
Scanning in progress.
Yuri content: Love between the two main characters.
Age rating: Adult
This is half Shounen, half H. It has a really weird premise. There are these guys who want to take over the world by eliminating manga writer assistants. Tamae, an aspiring manga assistant, is attacked by them but ends up saved by Keika. The two then become really good friends.
Link to a temporary chapter 1. It will probably be rescanned. This link is for preview purposes only.

An editor may still needed for this manga. It is currently being attempted by the raw provider, Ecchi Yuri.

% done: scripts for chapters 2 and 3 done
Completely scanned.
Yuri content unknown.
Age rating: Adult
School life Comedy.
I made a promise a while back that I would do this one. Out of the 4 though, this is the one I want to do the least.
Link to the whole raw manga.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finished Iwt, next project! Hiring Editor for Gokujo

Hey everyone.
So I finished translating Itoshi wo Tome and sent the last of the script to Kite. Kite has school to fight through, as well as about 50 more pages to edit. I feel kinda bad that you guys have to wait to read the ending.
Nova chapter 4 of volume 2 is done too, Yi has it, but Yi also has midterms. I myself have midterms coming up, but I have a little time before that.

So here's the deal with Gokujo.
Chapter 1 is done, and hosted at Rainbow Beef.
Chapter 2's script is done, (done by Denkou Nova) and it's half edited. Chapter 2 needs an editor to be completed.

I read through chapter 3. And for me... it's quite difficult. Oh, the scans are clear enough for me to look up all the kanji, I understand all the grammar, even those sound effects and mini thought texts are doable. But the problem is the vocabulary. I keep running into adult/H words I don't know. (They didn't teach those at school... but I'm kind of glad they didn't) And it's kind of embarrassing to ask for help on those. I don't know if it's embarrassing to say this or not, but in both English and Japanese, my adult word vocabulary is very poor.
I ran into strange words when doing the Saki doujin, but I was only able to identify them after a couple hours of google searching.
I said I would do this manga, so I'll do it. Yes, it is hard, so I'll have to try that hard. Though I must admit it would be easier for others. With that said... I won't be doing Gokujo volume 2 when it comes out. I'll let someone else handle it.

Well, bottom line: Gokujo needs an editor for chapters 2-8. Email me if you're interested and I'll send you the raws and DenkouNova's half done chapter 2 in Photoshop format. I'll see if I can do chapter 3 in the meantime.

I took a peek at Rakka Ryuusui too... while it does look good, and it is probably heavily requested, I have two fears: 1 I've never done a 4 koma before, and unsure if I can recapture its charm and humor. 2 I don't know a thing about archery.
But I love Lucky Star and K-on. I'd be very willing to try. I'll give it a readthrough and get back to you.

The last of IwT and the next TSN coming soon! ... after midterms. Study hard, people!

...I don't suppose anyone knows of a website that works like an English-Japanese version of Urban Dictionary?

EDIT: Looking for websites equivalent to Urban Dictionary for Japanese words... so far found one at http://zokugo-dict.com. It's in Japanese, but I'm finding the definitions for more words now. I would be happy to have more links , if you know one, feel free to share! In Japanese is doable, but English would be better!

PS EDIT: Please refer to an older post of mine about what I look for in editors.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Blog: Yuri Reviews

New blog is up. Tsundere Yuri Reviews. I decided I'll write some reviews on the gigantic collection of yuri works I bought. I am no expert at writing, but if I have a blog I can voice my opinions on, then I'll use it. At the bottom of the page you can see everything I own, and my current wishlist.
All these reviews are my own personal thoughts. If you don't agree with me, discuss. That's what the comment section is for.
I usually sit back and read things to just enjoy them, I'm not very critical on art or story. I'm also used to reading Shounen, so that may impact my writing as well.
It's good writing practice for me, and I hope my views help you decide if you want to purchase a book or not.
My first review is an online store, actually. Feels like I'm almost advertising it. I think I'll review Hayate X Blade, (my favorite series yet) next.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Future Planning. What's next? Need an editor for Gokujo

1. Twinkle Saber Nova: definitely doing volumes 2 and 3. Will 4 ever come out?
2. Gokujo! I've been putting it off too long. I will start it after Itoshi wo Tome is complete.
3. What's next...?

Idea A) Look for something new.
Right now I'm wondering who is going to do the Kannazuki no Miko sequel: Himegami no Miko. Cause I'd really like it to be me! Though I doubt I'll get it, I'm still going to try! One problem: no one knows what the release date is yet. Acquiring the raws may be a problem too. I don't know what else is coming out.

Idea B) Look for something old.
I spent the night looking at manga updates. Through 3 lists: 1, 2, and 3. Using combinations of the Shoujo-Ai and Yuri tags, I used filters to show all of the unlicensed and untranslated titles. There seem to be plenty out there! But after 3 hours of searching, I only found the raws for one title called Rakka Ryuusui, which looks like an archery club style of something like K-on or Lucky Star. I found 4 volumes of it. I found partial raws for another called Scape God, which looked like a Shounen of sorts, but not enough to use.
So before I go charging into a title... I have to find out if anyone is already translating it. I need to find editors too... I will need an editor for Gokujo!

Idea C) Something completely different.
I've tossed around the ideas of fansubbing or translating a visual novel, like one of the Sono Hanabira games. But I wouldn't know where to start.

Well, leave me some ideas. If you have the raws for something you want to see translated, give me a look and I'll consider it. But Nova and Gokujo first!

Next post: I've emptied my wallet on a ton of yuri manga. I now have a very nice collection. So it will be review time!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

News update Oct 1.

Hey everyone, quick news.

First, a release. Here's a doujin release, a Saki doujin. I edited it myself, read the post and possibly leave me some constructive criticism.

Second, Itoshi wo Tome is up to chapter 5 with 6's editing in progress. 7 is translated, I'm currently translating 8, and there is a bonus chapter after that.

Third, Twinkle Saber Nova ch3 is near completion. Expect a release by the end of the week.

Fourth, I have greatly increased my physical yuri collection, thanks to Barnes and Noble and Borders. I'll be posting reviews on everything I bought and read... when I get the time to actually read them.

Fifth, I'm probably going to finally pick up Gokujo after I finish IwT. I've been waiting to hear back from Rainbow Beef, who got through halfway of ch2 and sent me what they had, but I guess I'll just pick up where they left off. I'm going to need an editor for it. I don't know yet if Yi is going to continue with Nova (I assume yes), I don't know about Kite, and Beotkkot has been missing in action. Oh well, I'll just build a taco stand at that bridge when I cross it.

Finally, remember you can get up to date news by following me at my twitter.
Right time to go. Ciao, everyone.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

IwT ch4, other quick news

First of all, Itoshi wo Tome ch4. Enjoy. Kite is starting 5 soon, which means I better go finish 6-8.
Progress is slow for Nova. Probably won't be done for at least a week.
My classes start tomorrow. Due to that and some issues at home, releases are going to slow down for a while. But the keyword is slow down, not disappear.
I'm pretty sure I put an RSS feed link somewhere eon the page. Be sure to follow that or this blog to see when I get a new release done.
Lastly, Yi drew this avatar for me. Isn't it beautiful?
I'm off to see how much translation I can do before class starts. Catch you later!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Itoshi wo Tome: Kimi Ga Kokoro Wa ch1 released

Itoshi wo Tome chapter 1 is out!

Thanks so much to Kite from TranqilSpring.com! Kite's editing and cleaning was wonderful, and we all can't wait to see the rest of the chapters!

Why are you still reading this post? Get over there and read some manga!

And finally... a message to Beotkkot. Sorry I took your work away... but people have been waiting for a while. I hope to hear back from you sometime.

The Tsundere Wiki

Now this is an interesting project.
I've started up my own wiki page with the primary goal of setting up a list of Japanese sound effects and Kasane Kotoba (Japanese Onomatopoeia).

I tell you people, I can have all the grammar and Kanji sourcebooks in the world to help me translate, but there has forever been one subject I never learned. Sound effects. Of course a native Japanese speaker would understand them. But I'm no native.

I google around often, but almost never find any good sound effects pages.
That's where you come in. If you know some... POST THEM!

As for future uses of the wiki... well, I had this crazy idea. Why not have something my first blog did? A wiki where you could post a translation you make and everyone will be able to see it. And it would constantly grow as people translate their works and post them.

But that could be too chaotic. Also, a place where you can post stuff... I believe 4chan /u/ already exists. Oh well...

Bottom line: this sound effects wiki is meant to be a growing rescource! Use it and contribute!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Editor for Itoshi wo Tome found

Tsundere Translations welcomes Kite from Tranquil Spring!
Kite has voulenteered to edit Itoshi wo Tome.
That means I have to get into action and finish translating the other half of the manga!
Translation of Nova ch3 is about a quarter way done as well. I'll get that to Yi when I can. This chapter is almost as big as the first 2 combined!
With school starting soon for some and now for others, things are going to get hectic. So I'm going to go all out and bring you lots of translated goodness before I have class!
Expect to see some chapter releases of Itoshi wo Tome soon.
-Tsundere Yuriko

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twinkle Saber Nova Chapter 2 is out, IwT news

That's right folks, Twinkle Saber Nova chapter 2 is out! Editing by Yi, translation by moi.

A word of news... school is starting again. That means releases are going to slow down. That is life, I am afraid. But we will still do what we can, when we can.

---EDIT: Editor for Itoshi wo Tome found---

And also... Itoshi wo Tome. 2 whole months and Beotkkot has never once made contact. Yi has declined the offer to work on it.
So I'll just put this out now: We are looking for an editor for Itoshi wo Tome. Please review this post for editor qualifications. Once again, you will need to be able to rotate, crop, clean, and level. The IwT scans are completely unedited, and will be a challenge. Only the serious need apply. (Also, if Beotkkot comes back before you get started, then I'm sure we can work something else out.)


Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Manga: Twinkle Saber Nova

Aside from scripts for Itoshi wo Tome, which is now up to chapter 4, TsundereTranslations hasn't released in a while. But we now have a new manga done! Check it out! We did a Shounen type (with implicit yuri of course) manga this time. It's called Twinkle Saber Nova, and so far we have the 1st chapter done.

This was our first edit with Yi, who did an excellent job. I couldn't be happier.

We both worked hard on this! We hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome to the new menu!

Welcome to the new main menu!
First of all, the old Yuri resource website where I post most of the stuff I find has moved. Now it's TsundereYuri.blogspot.com.
From now on, TsundereYuriko.blogspot.com directs you here. At this page, you can access each blog and my news posts. This also finally gives me the spot I wanted for news.

If you followed me before, or if you are looking to follow me, this would be the page to follow. I'll post every new doujin, upload, translation, etc, update here, and link it, so you won't miss a thing.
Sometimes I ask myself why I made so many different blogs. Well, there's a lot of stuff! Rather than have a million different tags to click, having several differentiated blogs helps reduce your search time. I think it works out that way.

All news posts will be here. Soon, I'll start doing some reviews or something. Surprised I haven't written any yet. I'm not that great of a writer, but this is my blog, and I can still write whatever I want!

Yi is currently hard at work on our new manga. There will be a post about here when it's done. I'm going back to work on more Itoshi wo Tome now. A chapter or two of that, then I'll maybe I'll start Gokujo, then back to chapter 2 of our new manga again. Good stuff won't stop coming your way!

Also... I just want to say a little thing about me. This is the biggest side project I have ever had. And usually when I start something, I never finish it. TsundereTranslations has been a first for me! I've finally found something I can commit to and complete. I look at my completed scripts and the final products, then I enjoy reading all your comments and everything you have to say. It's you guys who helped me keep going. Beotkkot, Yi, and every encouraging reader here... thank you. I've come a long way, all thanks to you!

And what we need from you:
Check out my wicked coding skills! Look at that table! Yes, it is sad. I only know how to code tables, links, and pictures. If anyone out there is proficient with html and wants to spruce up my layout, give a shout!
Remember we are open to submissions, most particularly from anonymous translators and translators without a website. I won't accept anything else from a website I already link to. Help build the blog! Also, I want to start an art gallery sometime containing original user created art. Submit some original yuri-ish works, and I'd be happy to put it on display here!

If you need a blog of mine to follow, follow this one! Don't forget the Twitter too! Hope the new menu here is useful! Please report any broken links to me as a result of the move! Thanks in advance!


PS: We miss you Beotkkot! Please come back!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hiring Editors... Inquire within.

Hey Everyone,

---EDIT: Position being filled---

Bet you're wondering why you've seen less releases lately, and why the newest one is coming out so slowly.
On a good day, I get over 5 pages done in no time. But I've been so down recently.
It's because I haven't heard from Beotkkot in over a month.

I don't know what her story is. Perhaps she is busy, or sick, or something else.
Regardless, she is missing in action, and TsundereTranslations needs an editor or two.

It gives me great pain to say this, but I am now hiring editors. Editors to add to the staff, not replace Beotkkot. She will always have a place here and can return whenever she wishes.

Being an editor at Tsundere Translations, you can work at your own pace and edit any way you want. I will translate as much as I can and keep sending you scripts, and you are to do them at your own speed. I will try to make it so you will always have a script to work on. Keep in mind we only translate yuri and yuri-like works.
But you must meet these qualifications:
1 Deadline dates are never made, but you should be able to work if you say you can. Don't take a job and never do it.
2 You should be able to clean raw scans, enter text, do sound effects, and be able to precisely crop, rotate, and level. Being able to level is important.
3 You should have some experience. If you show talent but have no experience, I will test your ability to edit a doujin before letting you do manga.
4 You must have a good image editing program, Photoshop is one example. You must be proficient and able to use it well.
5 Basic Japanese knowledge is preferred, but not required.
6 You must have a good concept of the English language. That includes being able write coherently with good grammar and spelling.
7 You must have a positive attitude and have fun.
You CAN:
Work for other translators and freelance at the same time
Take vacations and leave other editors to take over, just let everyone know
Suggest mangas/doujins you wish to work on
Take credit for anyone else's work, only what you do.
Go against the script, unless I'm allowing it. (Like if I describe a sound effect and leave the exact word up to you.)
Disrespect any other staff or readers.
For my email, just scroll up and look left. Send me links to any doujins/mangas you have edited with a brief description of your skills and experience as a resume.

Please let it be known that I am very hesitant to have a new editor work on Itoshi wo Tome right away. It is Beotkkot's work, and she is already done cleaning the first chapter. I'll probably have you do another work first, then move to Itoshi wo Tome last if Beotkkot still hasn't written me back.

I will be hiring one new editor for now. I will think about a second.

I hope there are some quality editors out there. I look forward to working with you.


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