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Sunday, April 19, 2009

100th post! Tried Advertising on 4chan again... and Shoujo-Ai.com too

Dear you fortunate yuri loving interwebber,

With every advertisement is a new introduction, as I now expect higher traffic. I would hope... on with the post! (Edit: link is now dead)

Hi! I'm Tsundere Yuriko. I upload tons of yuri and tag it. Here you will find only yuri, and no straight or funtanari or other stuff. Everything is carefully tagged by me so you always know what you are reading.

My database constantly grows. I'm always on the lookout for new additions.

Edited dates and numbers, May 7:
I also translate. As of this very moment of May 7 2009, I have 3 translations complete and 3 pending completion. (Translations are done, but the editor is taking their time.)

Beotkkot, who hopped on board starting with my second translation, is an experienced editor who teamed up with me in name of all things great and yuri to deliver into you great doujin translations for free.

We decided to do a Lucky Star doujin as our 6th release... if I can find one. Accepting requests and submissions: Lucky Star, preferably non adult. So, c'mon, don't be shy, send one in!
Edit: We chose one. It is called Selfish 2. Expect it's release any day now.

Explore the blog, kick back, and dig into some high quality pure yuri. I made a lot of news posts recently, so just scroll down to check out all of my collected releases. Catch you later!

Right. This is my 100th post if anyone cares. (faked cheering)


Monday, April 13, 2009

Me advertising other websites. About new releases. Oh. And 3rd translation.

Last post, I uploaded a nice translation from Yurihime Wildrose. I'm assuming it was a joint project between Lililicious and Dynasty Scans.
(Edit: I was wrong. They each did different stories. Dur, I need to check my facts more often.)

Lililicious has lots of really good translated yuri, both older teen audience and adult. They translate and host Yuri Hime! That is just awesome!

They have too much there... it would take me ages to bring it all over to my blog and host it. And why would I, when it's all right there? They only have the highest quality stuff, it doesn't even need to be tagged.

Check out Lililicious if you have never done so already. I can't stress how awesome they are. Definitely one of the best yuri websites out there.

Oh. And Dynasty Scans is great too. Though I wish they had an organized download section. They also do a variety of genres, not just yuri. I have a few of their releases on my blog already.

I may as well point out now that I've become less keen about ripping other's releases and sticking them here. I'll keep what I have here now as a "preview" to other groups' work. I'm sure they would appreciate it if guests downloaded their work from their websites. So no, I will not grab every new yuri release that comes out and host it here. I WILL link to these websites, and if you follow my blog, follow the ones I follow as well. Places like Wings of Yuri, Dynasty, and Lililicious are always coming out with new stuff... check them out too.

I WILL continue add new stuff I find that doesn't seem to be from any major group or from anonymous translators. Sound good? I also want to say... if you're an anonymous translator who needs a place to put their work... why put it on 4chan /u/ to be forgotten 11 pages later? I'll host it here! =D

Well, anyway, 3rd translation is done. It's a Sailor Moon Shoujo-Ai with Michiru and Haruka. Please enjoy.

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