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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hiring Editors... Inquire within.

Hey Everyone,

---EDIT: Position being filled---

Bet you're wondering why you've seen less releases lately, and why the newest one is coming out so slowly.
On a good day, I get over 5 pages done in no time. But I've been so down recently.
It's because I haven't heard from Beotkkot in over a month.

I don't know what her story is. Perhaps she is busy, or sick, or something else.
Regardless, she is missing in action, and TsundereTranslations needs an editor or two.

It gives me great pain to say this, but I am now hiring editors. Editors to add to the staff, not replace Beotkkot. She will always have a place here and can return whenever she wishes.

Being an editor at Tsundere Translations, you can work at your own pace and edit any way you want. I will translate as much as I can and keep sending you scripts, and you are to do them at your own speed. I will try to make it so you will always have a script to work on. Keep in mind we only translate yuri and yuri-like works.
But you must meet these qualifications:
1 Deadline dates are never made, but you should be able to work if you say you can. Don't take a job and never do it.
2 You should be able to clean raw scans, enter text, do sound effects, and be able to precisely crop, rotate, and level. Being able to level is important.
3 You should have some experience. If you show talent but have no experience, I will test your ability to edit a doujin before letting you do manga.
4 You must have a good image editing program, Photoshop is one example. You must be proficient and able to use it well.
5 Basic Japanese knowledge is preferred, but not required.
6 You must have a good concept of the English language. That includes being able write coherently with good grammar and spelling.
7 You must have a positive attitude and have fun.
You CAN:
Work for other translators and freelance at the same time
Take vacations and leave other editors to take over, just let everyone know
Suggest mangas/doujins you wish to work on
Take credit for anyone else's work, only what you do.
Go against the script, unless I'm allowing it. (Like if I describe a sound effect and leave the exact word up to you.)
Disrespect any other staff or readers.
For my email, just scroll up and look left. Send me links to any doujins/mangas you have edited with a brief description of your skills and experience as a resume.

Please let it be known that I am very hesitant to have a new editor work on Itoshi wo Tome right away. It is Beotkkot's work, and she is already done cleaning the first chapter. I'll probably have you do another work first, then move to Itoshi wo Tome last if Beotkkot still hasn't written me back.

I will be hiring one new editor for now. I will think about a second.

I hope there are some quality editors out there. I look forward to working with you.



  1. I like your site and the manga you're translating. I'd love to help editing some of your projects. I am not a particularly fast, but I usually finish an editing project within or around a week.
    I have had some experience in photoshop as well as editing (including a few doujins and a few chapters from longer series). I do a few editing things for Wings of Yuri.
    Anyway, if you ever need an editor, just email me. ^^

  2. After a quick email chat, Yi is now an editor at TsundereTranslations! Yay! (que Fireworks, Applause, and Taco Combo Meal Plates)
    Yi will probably be assisting me in my secret project. Look forward to it!

    Beotkkot, if you are reading this, everyone is waiting for your safe return! Come back soon!


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