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Friday, October 9, 2009

Future Planning. What's next? Need an editor for Gokujo

1. Twinkle Saber Nova: definitely doing volumes 2 and 3. Will 4 ever come out?
2. Gokujo! I've been putting it off too long. I will start it after Itoshi wo Tome is complete.
3. What's next...?

Idea A) Look for something new.
Right now I'm wondering who is going to do the Kannazuki no Miko sequel: Himegami no Miko. Cause I'd really like it to be me! Though I doubt I'll get it, I'm still going to try! One problem: no one knows what the release date is yet. Acquiring the raws may be a problem too. I don't know what else is coming out.

Idea B) Look for something old.
I spent the night looking at manga updates. Through 3 lists: 1, 2, and 3. Using combinations of the Shoujo-Ai and Yuri tags, I used filters to show all of the unlicensed and untranslated titles. There seem to be plenty out there! But after 3 hours of searching, I only found the raws for one title called Rakka Ryuusui, which looks like an archery club style of something like K-on or Lucky Star. I found 4 volumes of it. I found partial raws for another called Scape God, which looked like a Shounen of sorts, but not enough to use.
So before I go charging into a title... I have to find out if anyone is already translating it. I need to find editors too... I will need an editor for Gokujo!

Idea C) Something completely different.
I've tossed around the ideas of fansubbing or translating a visual novel, like one of the Sono Hanabira games. But I wouldn't know where to start.

Well, leave me some ideas. If you have the raws for something you want to see translated, give me a look and I'll consider it. But Nova and Gokujo first!

Next post: I've emptied my wallet on a ton of yuri manga. I now have a very nice collection. So it will be review time!


  1. I uploaded this collection of yuri/yuri-lite raw scans for Horobi no Michi and Dynasty a while back. Maybe you'll see something in there that you like: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2BOK2JN6
    It's a bit out of date, so a few of the titles have been picked up by other groups.
    The new KnM-related manga that just came out, Zettai Shoujo Seiiki - Amnesian, is already being worked on by a new group.

  2. Well, I hope they do well on it then. Found their site. Thank you for informing me. I didn't even realize it was out in Japan already?http://zefiberyl.blogspot.com/2009/10/zettai-shoujo-seiiki-amnesian-preview.html
    I'm definitely going to check out your collection Erin. Thanks so much!


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