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Thursday, October 1, 2009

News update Oct 1.

Hey everyone, quick news.

First, a release. Here's a doujin release, a Saki doujin. I edited it myself, read the post and possibly leave me some constructive criticism.

Second, Itoshi wo Tome is up to chapter 5 with 6's editing in progress. 7 is translated, I'm currently translating 8, and there is a bonus chapter after that.

Third, Twinkle Saber Nova ch3 is near completion. Expect a release by the end of the week.

Fourth, I have greatly increased my physical yuri collection, thanks to Barnes and Noble and Borders. I'll be posting reviews on everything I bought and read... when I get the time to actually read them.

Fifth, I'm probably going to finally pick up Gokujo after I finish IwT. I've been waiting to hear back from Rainbow Beef, who got through halfway of ch2 and sent me what they had, but I guess I'll just pick up where they left off. I'm going to need an editor for it. I don't know yet if Yi is going to continue with Nova (I assume yes), I don't know about Kite, and Beotkkot has been missing in action. Oh well, I'll just build a taco stand at that bridge when I cross it.

Finally, remember you can get up to date news by following me at my twitter.
Right time to go. Ciao, everyone.

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