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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finished Iwt, next project! Hiring Editor for Gokujo

Hey everyone.
So I finished translating Itoshi wo Tome and sent the last of the script to Kite. Kite has school to fight through, as well as about 50 more pages to edit. I feel kinda bad that you guys have to wait to read the ending.
Nova chapter 4 of volume 2 is done too, Yi has it, but Yi also has midterms. I myself have midterms coming up, but I have a little time before that.

So here's the deal with Gokujo.
Chapter 1 is done, and hosted at Rainbow Beef.
Chapter 2's script is done, (done by Denkou Nova) and it's half edited. Chapter 2 needs an editor to be completed.

I read through chapter 3. And for me... it's quite difficult. Oh, the scans are clear enough for me to look up all the kanji, I understand all the grammar, even those sound effects and mini thought texts are doable. But the problem is the vocabulary. I keep running into adult/H words I don't know. (They didn't teach those at school... but I'm kind of glad they didn't) And it's kind of embarrassing to ask for help on those. I don't know if it's embarrassing to say this or not, but in both English and Japanese, my adult word vocabulary is very poor.
I ran into strange words when doing the Saki doujin, but I was only able to identify them after a couple hours of google searching.
I said I would do this manga, so I'll do it. Yes, it is hard, so I'll have to try that hard. Though I must admit it would be easier for others. With that said... I won't be doing Gokujo volume 2 when it comes out. I'll let someone else handle it.

Well, bottom line: Gokujo needs an editor for chapters 2-8. Email me if you're interested and I'll send you the raws and DenkouNova's half done chapter 2 in Photoshop format. I'll see if I can do chapter 3 in the meantime.

I took a peek at Rakka Ryuusui too... while it does look good, and it is probably heavily requested, I have two fears: 1 I've never done a 4 koma before, and unsure if I can recapture its charm and humor. 2 I don't know a thing about archery.
But I love Lucky Star and K-on. I'd be very willing to try. I'll give it a readthrough and get back to you.

The last of IwT and the next TSN coming soon! ... after midterms. Study hard, people!

...I don't suppose anyone knows of a website that works like an English-Japanese version of Urban Dictionary?

EDIT: Looking for websites equivalent to Urban Dictionary for Japanese words... so far found one at http://zokugo-dict.com. It's in Japanese, but I'm finding the definitions for more words now. I would be happy to have more links , if you know one, feel free to share! In Japanese is doable, but English would be better!

PS EDIT: Please refer to an older post of mine about what I look for in editors.


  1. What exactly does an editor need to do? I'd be willing to help (and learn).

  2. A TsundereTranslations editor must be able to clean, level, typeset, and do sound effects. The editor is never given a deadline, but is expected to own up and pass on the work if they cannot commit to it. The editor is expected to follow the script, but be flexible and do what works when needed. (mostly this is about sound effects)
    The editor is also expected to buy me lunch, carry my bags for me, make me tea, and do all my homework, but no one has done this for me yet.

    Side effects of being an editor may include red eyes from staying up late, slight indigestion from tacos, and mild cases of insanity. Do not edit if you are pregnant or breast feeding. If you are taking any medications, ask your doctor if this will interfere with your editing. Drinking alcohol, operating machinery, or attending Taco Night while editing can result in severe injury. TsundereTranslations is not responsible for any mishap that may occur during editing. Ask your doctor if editing is right for you.

  3. Well Yuyen, I would prefer experienced editors. I'm hesitant about hiring anyone who doesn't know the basics yet. But if you can level, if you can clean, if you can do all the basics, then get back to me. I would be happy to provide you with your first job.

    There are a whole bunch of manga editing tutorials here:
    Check that out and see what you can do.

  4. It seems I've used all the basic tools before, excepting quickmask (I'm usually a quick study, though).
    You're right. Editing sounds tough. Just going through the tutorials made me want to lie down and take a nap. Toting bags around or making tea not withstanding.

    That said, I'm up for a trial run, if you're willing. There's no need to go out on a limb for me. If I can't make the cut, then, as mom always says, I better help out at not getting in the way!

    No pressure! It's not like I need (another) this thankless job. I just thought that I've leeched enough and owe the community something back.


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